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Can using fake lashes ruin your real lashes?

Can using fake lashes ruin your real lashes?

By now I'm sure you’ve seen those dramatic before & after photos of someone when they have applied eyelash extensions. While Lash extensions can be a great solution in the short term, they aren’t a permanent fix to the real problem, short and lifeless lashes that don't create the dramatic statement you were hoping for.


The problem with false lashes

The issue with using false lashes over a long time is that they can require quite a lot of maintenance. Don't get them wet at all in the first 48 hours, but then you need to wash them regularly and brush them often. You also have to be careful about what makeup and other products you apply around your eyes.

But more importantly fake lashes can cause real damage to your natural ones. It’s a vicious cycle, as if you've if you've damaged your real lashes, you then feel like they are a necessary item because your lashes are in a worse position than before.

Generally, the damage that is caused by false eyelashes happens while they are being removed. If you try to pull your false lashes out, you are quite likely to rip out some lashes in the process and put the remaining eyelashes under stress.

In comparison to other types of hair that we have on our body, our eyelashes have a shorter growth cycle. Conversely they also have a slightly longer pause cycle before shedding. Any stress that the false lashes, their removal or their glue have on your natural eyelashes will put them into the shedding cycle faster.


Eyelash hair health

So, how do you avoid shorter and finer hairs in the future? Firstly you should be limiting the consistency that you use false lashes. The short term benefit may not necessarily be worth the long term pain.

Secondly, you should be looking after your lashes, providing the right nutrients to encourage them to maintain their length and thickness. Eyelash growth serums should be used not just as a recovery tool, but also as preventative.

If your eyelashes are naturally healthier and stronger, the stress imposed by false lashes won’t cause as big an impact. Lash growth serums also encourage longer lashes, which means that you may not feel the need to use false lashes as often in the future.

Finally, look after yourself and your health. Studies have proven that eating the right vitamins & nutrients while putting your body under less stress can effectively promote significant hair growth. So first and foremost, look after yourself.